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Think Clever Media is a privately owned and funded company founded in 2014 . It was co-founded by group of individuals specialising in digital advertising with common methodology on how to launch digital businesses.

As a collective every aspect of digital advertising, from advertiser to publisher, is covered with a wealth of experience, whether that be production, project management or senior consultancy.

With an efficient process driven start-up methodology Think Clever Media has launched a number of profitable services and products into the market from xml syndication, advertising brokerage, online publisher to advertising platforms.

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“If everybody is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking”
George S. Patton

Our Experience

Over the last 6 years the four co-founders of Think Clever Media have worked together launching numerous digital businesses and projects.

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  • Search Feed Syndication

    This joint venture included partnering with xml search feed providers such as Yahoo. In just three years the business reached its peak and grossed over $10 million in revenue.

  • Shopping Feed Syndication

    Utilising the experience of the search feed implementation and with the demise of Yahoo we pivoted our technology to work with cpc shopping feed providers. We grew this business fast and at one point were the one of the largest shopping feed providers in Europe boasting partnerships with the biggest players in this market; eBay, PriceGrabber, Kelkoo, Become, Connexity.

  • Online Publishing

    With the extensive experience of specialist magazine publishing and being directly involved in launching leading specialist Publishing Company it was a natural progression to work up an online portfolio of niche websites covering all the core topics or automotive, travel, entertainment and finance. Working heavily on progress we launched over 200 niche websites in 4 different languages between 2010-2013. These sites were then monetised in a variety ways whether it be IAB standard display, video engagement, CPC search, CPA shopping or premium sponsorships.

  • Premium Online Advertising Brokerage

    Having worked with a number of advertising providers such as Google, AOL, Criteo, Taboola, to name just a few we found an opportunity to create a brokerage business that would enable us to provide a collection of incremental revenue opportunities to Publishers that would not otherwise have access to these companies. Packaging up both the advertising products and marrying them with collections of sites in the same demographic we were able to create a fully function Premium Brokerage business. Within just 12 months we realised over just under $1 million in revenue for our clients on both sides of the advertising fence.

  • Native In-Image Advertising

    After working with a number of advertising partners we saw the gap in the market to create our own product, one that we would be able to service ourselves and not be a broker. Late 2015 we launched Content Ignite native-style in-image advertising that helps publishers realise the commercial potential of the images on their websites. From ground up we have created a bespoke frontend and backend solution that tiers in multiple native advertising providers inside our in-image product. Deployed via a single tag on a page our code picks out the relevant images on a page and attaches a native ad to them. The growth has again been substantial and within 7 months we have breezed past the $1 million in turnover and on track for $2.5 million in the current financial year.

The Directors

Over the last 6 years the four co-founders of Think Clever Media have worked together launching numerous digital businesses and projects.

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“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile”
Roger Staubach

Companies we've worked with...

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